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really fabricated, hyper-sexualised or taboo. We Recommend, follow, highsnobiety Style, receive the best in sneakers, fashion and street culture straight to your inbox! I decide to pick up a complimentary beverage. Perched atop some blankets sat a group of impossibly chic children banging on plastic buckets with drumsticks. We just make sure people work together. We can feel when something doesnt feel right or is becoming a line. The point of casting is to represent a group of people that youd want to see in your clothes. The beautiful images of diverse couples of all sexual orientations in flagrante feels right on time for Eckhaus Latta, a brand known for their gender-neutral clothing, inclusivity, and avant-garde provocation. Its really organic and intuitive, at the end of the day. When the meat elevator hit the top floor, I stepped into a big-ass room drenched to the heavens with natural light. It just seems like a necessity. Certain moments attach themselves to the collective psyche of runway show observers: The Supers reuniting at Versaces spring 2018 show. The vibe of the whole show was like a messy bun that actually looks goodsomething I have (gasp) never pulled off. The campaign veers close to the edge of porn, but the explicit parts are blurred out. Were happy to see the industry change, or upset to see it not change. ZL: We were just sparring over this. Shes been in every show, and she has to be out of town for this one.

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The whole show was only about 15 minutes and now I think literally everything should be 15 minutes. ZL: Whenever were shooting one shot of a model, its difficult for. To show off its SS17 collection, the New York-based brand tapped Korean photographer Heji Shin to shoot real-life couples having actual sex. The space would be best described as an awesome place to get murdered, if youre into that kind of thing. Compared to how global we are in modes of communication and media sharing, the idea of diversity not being the norm is kind of disheartening at this point in time. I spot a sea of fashion photographers snapping pics of hot people in hot clothes standing s almost like seeing an ultrasound of a blog. And its crazy to us that youd only see one kind of person.


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SEX, still sells: Eckhaus lattax sex chatrsk

So, when I woke at a cool noon PM I only had a few minutes to select my fashion look. But all that pales in comparison to Eckhaus Lattas new ad campaign. ZL: For us, its always been important. There are certain people who have walked in our show eight times or ten times who arent going to make it this year. During the Uber ride, my driver got into a screaming match with someone who pulled in front of him, which made me feel cool and safe. Is that different from how it was in previous seasons or years? ME: Maybe May Hong, who wont be in the upcoming show. As textile design graduates from the Rhode Island School of Design, the collections are experimental with significant influences from the world of contemporary art. What To Read Next, load More.

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